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Badges are unlocked by playing frequently or completing special feats in the game

Badge Name How to obtain
Wintertide 2018 #1 Unlock at least one branch in the tree during the Wintertide Event 2018
Wintertide 2018 #2 Reach the top of the tree in the Wintertide Event 2018
Wintertide 2018 #3 Complete the tree in the Wintertide Event 2018
Wise Snake Complete Gate 100 in Gates of Gog Mode
Year One Prestige Once during the Anniversary Event 2017


The achievements can be completed by playing normally, and they reward gems

Achievement 15 Gems 30 Gems 50 Gems 100 Gems 500 Gems 500 Gems
Tap the screen* Tap 2K times Tap 50K times Tap 200K times Tap 500K times Tap 1M times
Use prestige Prestige 1 time Prestige 5 times Prestige 10 times Prestige 15 times Prestige 20 times
Complete Time Challenges Complete 1 Time Challenge Complete 5 Time Challenges Complete 10 Time Challenges Complete 15 Time Challenges Complete 20 Time Challenges
Evolve one hero Evolve one hero to Common Evolve one hero to Uncommon Evolve one hero to Rare Evolve one hero to Epic Evolve one hero to Legendary Evolve one hero to Mythical
Evolve multiple heroes Evolve 11 heroes to Common Evolve 11 heroes to Uncommon Evolve 11 heroes to Rare Evolve 11 heroes to Epic Evolve 11 heroes to Legendary Evolve 11 heroes to Mythical
Craft artifacts Craft 1 artifact Craft 5 artifacts Craft 10 artifacts Craft 20 artifacts Craft 30 artifacts
Raise your artifact's Quality Points Have more than 1K QP Have more than 5K QP Have more than 20K QP Have more than 50K QP Have more than 1M QP
Collect Runes Collect 1 Rune Collect 5 Runes Collect 9 Runes Collect 15 Runes Collect 30 Runes
Complete Side Quests Complete 1 Side Quest Complete 5 Side Quests Complete 10 Side Quests Complete 25 Side Quests Complete 40 Side Quests
  • AutoTap and auto-attack runes don't count for this achievement