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Curses are negative effects created by Gog City to mock your Charms and damage you. They affect Cursed Gates.

Before accessing a Cursed Gate you'll see the active curses: you can pick whichever Cursed Gate is available and when you beat it the Active Curses will change.

Dispelling Curses[]

Curses become worse the longer the Cursed Gate is (they 'level up' during the fight). To reduce their negative effects the player must fulfill their dispel condition.

Fulfilling the dispel condition removes one level from that curse, but it will start to level up again immediately, even if its level is reduced to zero.


These curses can be found by themselves or in combination with other curses:

Name Dispel condition Effect at level 0
Curses brokenweapons.png
Broken Weapons Restore 60% health Reduces all hero damage by 12%
Curses cloudedvision.png
Clouded vision Cast 3 abilities All heroes have 10% chance to miss
Curses corruptedcharms.png
Corrupted Charms Kill 7 enemies A random hero loses 15% health whenever a charm activates
Dampened Will Activate 3 charms Increase revive cooldown by 15%
Delayed charms Restore 15% health Decreases charm spawn speed by 10%
Curses fadingtime.png
Fading Time 15 hero critical hits Time flows 8% slower
Ghostly visions Always active The same hero can be picked multiple times for this gate
Gog Zeal Cast 3 abilities Increases enemy attack speed by 50%
Haunting Visage Kill 15 enemies Silences a random hero every 10s for 3s, preventing them from using abilities
Heavy Limbs Pass 5 waves Reduces hero attack speed by 30%
Incantation Inversion 50 enemy attacks Casting abilities deals 100% team damage to heroes
Molten gold Activate 4 charms Collecting gold deals 5% team damage to heroes
Parting shot Dodge 4 attacks On any death all allies lose 5% health
Curses regrettablerecoil.png
Regrettable Recoil 1 hero deaths Enemies reflect 25% of the damage dealt to them
Curse sleepingfragance.png
Sleeping Fragance 75 hero attacks Slows cooldowns of all heroes by 12%
Curses startlingdemise.png
Startling Demise Stun 3 enemies When an enemy is killed, stuns a random hero for 2s
Curses subduedsparks.png
Subdued Sparks Collect 50 gold pieces Charms lose 5% progress every 2s
Curses toxicair.png
Toxic Air Activate 6 charms All heroes lose 1% health every second
Uncanny Regeneration Collect 50 gold pieces Enemies recover 1% health every second
Curses viletax.png
Vile Tax 50 Enemy attacks Increases the cost of all hero upgrades by 25%