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Handsum Jim is the ninth character the player unlocks in Adventure Mode, At stage 245. He is a supporter.

Jim original.png

Background Story[]

Jim is a natural musician and to watch him play any instrument is mesmerizing. Pitch perfect and with boundless imagination, he makes the instruments come to life and sing. People come from miles to hear him play. Jim, however, thinks folk want to see him for his natural beauty: this is entirely wrong, as he has none. He has a face that would curdle milk. So deluded is Jim that he used to wear a mask to hide his face – and many were thankful for it.

Yes, Jim is a bit of a fool, but his heart is good. When he heard that music and beauty would be forbidden should the darkness prevail he vowed to fight for both of his star qualities and joined the Green Man’s crew.


Name Information Cooldown Max
Bittersweet* Accelerates the cooldown of other heroes' abilities by 500% (+30%) for 5s (+0.5s). Channeling Ability. 360 Seconds 11
Battlecry Grants 40% (+10%) damage and 20% (+5%) attack speed to allies for 15s. 90 Seconds 7
Weeping Song Reduces the defense of all enemies by 27% (+6%) for 14s. Channeling Ability. 160 Seconds (-10s) 5

* Ultimate ability. Must be used manually


Top Skill Tree[]

  • Lullaby (Max Level: 10): Whenever Jim performs an ability, it reduces the cooldown of other heroes' abilities by 1.4s (+0.4s).
  • Heroism (Max Level: 5*): 'Battlecry' also provides 50% (+10%) bonus crit damage.
  • Party Time (Max Level: 10): Defeating a boss increases all hero damage by 25% (+5%) for 12s.
  • Together We Stand (Max Level: 9): If all heroes are alive, provides 4% (+2%) damage reduction to all heroes.

Bottom Skill Tree[]

  • Depression (Max Level: 7): Enemies under the effect of 'Weeping Song' are slowed down by 12% (+6%).
  • Not So Fast (Max Level: 8*): Enemies that die under the effect of 'Weeping Song' give 25% (+15%) more gold.
  • Pretty Face (Max Level: 6*): Enemies choose Jim 8% (+8) less of the time as their target.
  • Divided We Fall (Max Level: 6): Whenever an ally dies, shields a random ally for 30% (+12%) of their max health.

* Can be increased by 6 more levels with items.


Items not only add an extra point to skills they also increase the max points that you can put into the skills as well.

Pan's Flute[]

  • Common: Gold Bonus +10%, Not So Fast +1.
  • Uncommon: Gold Bonus +25%, Not So Fast +2.
  • Rare: Gold Bonus +100%, Not So Fast +3.
  • Epic: Gold Bonus +250%, Not So Fast +4.
  • Legendary: Gold Bonus +1000%, Not So Fast +5.
  • Mythical: Gold Bonus +2000%, Not So Fast +6.

Jack's Mask[]

  • Common: Health Bonus +10%, Pretty Face +1.
  • Uncommon: Health Bonus +25%, Pretty Face +2.
  • Rare: Health Bonus +100%, Pretty Face +3.
  • Epic: Health Bonus +250%, Pretty Face +4.
  • Legendary: Health Bonus +1000%, Pretty Face +5.
  • Mythical: Health Bonus +2000%, Pretty Face +6.

Peixoto's Guitar[]

  • Common: Damage Bonus +10%, Heroism +1.
  • Uncommon: Damage Bonus +25%, Heroism +2.
  • Rare: Damage Bonus +100%, Heroism +3.
  • Epic: Damage Bonus +250%, Heroism +4.
  • Legendary: Damage Bonus +1000%, Heroism +5.
  • Mythical: Damage Bonus +2000%, Heroism +6.


These are all of Handsum Jim's outfits in the game

All Outfits Handsum Jim.png

The following outfits must be purchased with gems

  • Majestic (500 gems, Jim must be at least Common)
  • Gnome (1000 gems, Jim must be at least Rare)
  • Rockstar (1500 gems, Jim must be at least Epic)
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