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Kind Lenny is the fourth character the player unlocks in Adventure Mode, unlockable at stage 20. He is a attacker.

Lenny original.png

Background Story[]

A reformed shopkeeper from hell. Kind Lenny has turned his back on fleecing customers to save the world. Armed with Pip his apple gun, justice will be done.

Kind Lenny ran an over priced garden centre called Daylight Shrubbery. His motto was, ‘If it’s free, it’s for sale.’ Basically, he took anything free like plants, flowers, fruit, veg, animals – and sold it. He took SO much of nature’s harvest people HAD to buy it from him. Then one day he had an epiphany. He saw the face of Gog in his stove fire. It laughed at him and said ‘You an me are the same.’ From that moment on Lenny changed his ways. Now he wants to undo any bad he has done and help save the world from the tyranny of Gog. Lenny is from Oakenby in The Arboreal Cloak. [1]


“One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet”- GoG


Name Information Cooldown Max
Min! Cannon* Shoots 18 apples at random enemies dealing 200% (+75%) damage per shot. 90 Seconds 6
Bombard Deals double damage to all enemies for the next 4 (+2) attacks. 120 Seconds (-20s) 3
Eat an Apple Restores 30% (+14%) health and boosts critical hit chance by 40% for 12s. Affects self and an ally. 130 Seconds (-10s) 6

* Ultimate ability. Must be used manually


Top Skill Tree[]

  • XXL (Max Level: 6*): Increases his max health by 35% (+15%).
  • Rotten Apple (Max Level: 12): Units that are hit by Lenny take 6% (+3.5%) more damage from all.
  • Constitution (Max Level: 5*): Increases the attack count of 'Min! Cannon' by 4 (+2).
  • Well Fed (Max Level: 15): Deals 40% (+15%) more damage when health is more than 60%.

Bottom Skill Tree[]

  • Sharp Shooter (Max Level: 6*): Gives 50% (+25%) critical hit damage bonus.
  • Reloader (Max Level: 3): Increase weapon load from 4 to 5 (+1) and reduces the reload time from 3.5s to 3s (-0.5s).
  • Big Stomach (Max Level: 6): Increases the duration of 'Eat an Apple' by 4s (+2s).
  • Nicest Killer (Max Level: 11): When Lenny delivers 7 critical hits, all hero damage increases by 8% (+3%) for 14s.

* Can be increased by 6 more levels with items


These are all of Kind Lenny's outfits in the game

All Outfits Kind Lenny.png

The following outfits must be purchased with gems

  • Noisy (500 gems, Lenny must be at least Common)
  • Friendly (500 gems, Lenny must be at least Common)
  • Cold (1500 gems, Lenny must be at least Rare)
  • Clockwork (1000 gems, Lenny must be at least Epic)
  • Helpful (2.5K gems, Wintertide Event, must be purchased with candies. After the event, Lenny must be at least Common)
  • Rotten (1250 gems, Halloween event, Lenny must be at least Legendary)


Items not only add an extra point to skills they also increase the max points that you can put into the skills as well.

Golden Apple[]

  • Common: Gold Bonus +10%, Constitution +1.
  • Uncommon: Gold Bonus +25%, Constitution +2.
  • Rare: Gold Bonus +100%, Constitution +3.
  • Epic: Gold Bonus +250%, Constitution +4.
  • Legendary: Gold Bonus +1000%, Constitution +5.
  • Mythical: Gold Bonus +2000%, Constitution +6.

Cooked Chicken[]

  • Common: Health Bonus +10%, XXL +1.
  • Uncommon: Health Bonus +25%, XXL +2.
  • Rare: Health Bonus +100%, XXL+3.
  • Epic: Health Bonus +250%, XXL +4.
  • Legendary: Health Bonus +1000%, XXL +5.
  • Mythical: Health Bonus +2000%, XXL +6.

Pocket Cannon[]

  • Common: Damage Bonus +10%, Sharp Shooter +1.
  • Uncommon: Damage Bonus +25%, Sharp Shooter +2.
  • Rare: Damage Bonus +100%, Sharp Shooter +3.
  • Epic: Damage Bonus +250%, Sharp Shooter +4.
  • Legendary: Damage Bonus +1000%, Sharp Shooter +5.
  • Mythical: Damage Bonus +2000%, Sharp Shooter +6.


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