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The Merchant is a store unlocked by the player upon reaching Stage 10 in Adventure mode. The player is able to purchase various items to boost you on your adventure by using Tokens. These boosts effects can be increased by artifacts.

Merchant Deals - Adventure Mode[]

Item Mode Unlock Effect Item Limit


Gold Bag Adventure Stage 10 Gain gold (+300%) based on your current stage 5 (+8 with artifacts) 10 Tokens
Auto Tap Adventure Stage 45 Your mighty ring works automatically for 5 (+16) minutes 5 (+6*) 5 Tokens
Time Warp Adventure Stage 175 Speed up time by 250% (+500%) for 2 (+5) minutes 5 (+6*) 20 Tokens
Screenshot 20190212-155930.png
Anti-Death cream Adventure Stage 765 Quickens revive timing of dead heroes by 1.00K% & gives all heroes immunity for 30 seconds (+2 min) 5 (+3*) 30 Tokens
Gold horseshoe.png
Golden Horseshoe Adventure Stage 875 Increases gold earnings from enemies by 200%(+400%) for 5 minutes (+10 min) 3 (+6*) 30 Tokens
Destruction Adventure Stage 1310 Destroys the current wave 2 (+4*) 30 Tokens

*With artifact bonuses

Merchant Deals - Time Challenges[]

Item Mode Unlock Effect Item limit Cost
Power up Time Challenges Always unlocked Make your Heroes 150% stronger for 1 minute 2 10 Tokens
Refresher orb.png
Refresher Orb Time Challenges Challenge 5 Refresh your skills 20 times faster 3 10 Tokens
Time holder.png
Time Holder Time Challenges Challenge 9 Stop the timer of current challenge by 25% of its duration 1 25 Tokens

Merchant Deals - Gates of Gog[]

Item Mode Unlock Effect Item limit Cost
Emergency Charm Gates of Gog Gate 6 Allows you to immediately summon a new charm 5 50 Tokens
Gates of Gog Gate 11 Increases the progress of a random charm by 50% every second for 15s 4 75 Tokens
Gates of Gog Gate 16 For the rest of the Gate, whenever you summon a charm you'll be offered 4 options instead of 3 1 100 Tokens
Gates of Gog Gate 36 For the rest of the gate, your charms are chosen automatically *Charms are chosen at random 1 25 Tokens