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Oy is the sixteenth character the player unlocks in Adventure Mode, at stage 1360. He is a defender.


Background Story[]

Oy worked on Craven’s farm ever since he can remember. He might have had a name, but Farmer Craven just shouted ‘Oy’ at him a lot and the name stuck. The only other worker in the farm was an enchanted scarecrow called Strawman, who considered Oy his best friend.

One day, Farmer Craven heard stories of Gogolah’s armies and was terrified. He barricaded himself inside the farmhouse and barked orders at Oy and the Strawman out of the window. The Strawman didn’t like him treating Oy like that, so it burned down the farm. They think Craven escaped. Fingers crossed.

Oy was horrified and ran away to join the Almost Heroes. Then, the Strawman found him.

The Strawman is embarrassingly protective of Oy, it really doesn’t like anyone even speaking to the kid and will clump you around the ear if you’re not nice enough to him.


Oy used to be a lowly farmhand. He left that life for the Green Man's noble cause, and his overprotective enchanted scarecrow followed him.


Name Information Cooldown Max
Watch The Flowers* For the next 8s, all enemies will be slowed, and every time they attack they have a 30% chance of being stunned for 2s. 120s cooldown. 7
Raise Scarecrow** Raises a scarecrow with 50% of Oy's health. While active, the scarecrow taunts the enemies. 60 Seconds 8
Good Harvest Gives a random ally freshly harvested food, healing them for 4% of their health. 20 Seconds 12

* Ultimate ability. Must be used manually

**Can be increased by 6 more levels with items.


Top Skill Tree[]

  • Vengeful Scarecrow (Max Level: 8): Enemies attacking the scarecrow receive 200% of Oy's damage per hit.
  • Heroic Scarecrow (Max Level: 8): All enemy damage to the scarecrow is reduced by 66%.
  • Wealthy Scarecrow (Max Level: 12*): Enemies that hit the scarecrow increase their loot by 120% gold.
  • Bloodied Land (Max Level: 6): Whenever an ally dies, reduces the cooldown of 'Raise Scarecrow' by 12s.

Bottom Skill Tree[]

  • Stunning Flowers (Max Level: 9): Enemies stunned by 'Watch The Flowers' immediately receive 250% of Oy's damage.
  • Healthy Eating (Max Level: 7): Allies healed by 'Good Harvest' also have 35% increased crit chance for 8s.
  • Flower Lover (Max Level: 9*): Allies attack 38% faster while 'Watch The Flowers' is active.
  • Work Harder (Max Level: 6): Reduces the cooldown of 'Good Harvest' by 3s every time another hero gets hit by an enemy.

*Can be increased by 6 more levels with items.


Items not only add an extra point to skills they also increase the max points that you can put into the skills as well.

Old Wheelbarrow[]

  • Common: Gold Bonus +10%, Wealthy Scarecrow +1.
  • Uncommon: Gold Bonus +25%, Wealthy Scarecrow +2.
  • Rare: Gold Bonus +100%, Wealthy Scarecrow +3.
  • Epic: Gold Bonus +250%, Wealthy Scarecrow +4.
  • Legendary: Gold Bonus +1000%, Wealthy Scarecrow +5.
  • Mythical: Gold Bonus +2000%, Wealthy Scarecrow +6.

Packed Lunch[]

  • Common: Health Bonus +10%, Raise Scarecrow +1.
  • Uncommon: Health Bonus +25%, Raise Scarecrow +2.
  • Rare: Health Bonus +100%, Raise Scarecrow +3.
  • Epic: Health Bonus +250%, Raise Scarecrow +4.
  • Legendary: Health Bonus +1000%, Raise Scarecrow +5.
  • Mythical: Health Bonus +2000%, Raise Scarecrow +6.

Spare Weapon[]

  • Common: Damage Bonus +10%, Flower Lover +1.
  • Uncommon: Damage Bonus +25%, Flower Lover +2.
  • Rare: Damage Bonus +100%, Flower Lover +3.
  • Epic: Damage Bonus +250%, Flower Lover +4.
  • Legendary: Damage Bonus +1000%, Flower Lover +5.
  • Mythical: Damage Bonus +2000%, Flower Lover +6.


The costume's name Information Unlocking requirements Cost (by gems) Image
Original Oy Unlock Oy by reaching stage 1360. 0
Common Oy Evolve Oy to Common tier. 0
Uncommon Oy Evolve Oy to Uncommon tier. 0
Rare Oy
Epic Oy
Legendary Oy
Mythical Oy