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Redroh is the eleventh character the player unlocks in Adventure Mode, at stage 440. He is a supporter.

Redroh original.png

Background Story[]

Redroh had a hoarding problem as a child. His parents even had to move out because there was no room for him. Eventually they sent him far away to an Enchanted Clinic in a very rich village in order to receive help. And because he was getting on their nerves.

An Enchanter at the clinic tried for years to cure his hoarding but eventually managed to cut down what Redroh hoarded to just gold and jewellery. He’s a goblin and you can never take that out of a goblin’s mind – they HAVE to hoard!

Then one day Redroh discovered the Enchanter was swindling him and the other patients in the clinic. Indeed, he was robbing everyone in the village. Something in Redroh’s goblin mind snapped. Never before has it happened to a goblin, but he developed a sense of right and wrong. Decency even!

Redroh drove the wicked Enchanter out of town and became a kind of hero. It felt good and he wanted more of the same: so when he heard of the battle against Gogolah he signed up. He can’t help himself, which conflicts greatly with his goblin side: he's still a treasure hoarder, but he hates bullies and MUST do the right thing! Even if the right thing means sharing some of his treasure with his new friends. A very little portion.


Name Information Cooldown
Greed Grenade* Hurls a treasure chest at enemies that explodes in coins. Loots 200% gold, deals 4.00K% damage 160 Seconds
Smoke Grenade Blinds enemies for 15s and allies for 7s, increasing their miss chance by 40%, to loot 250% of enemies’ gold. 180 Seconds
Common affinities Calls in a wave of 6 mini dragons that give gold. 300 Seconds
  • Ultimate ability. Must be used manually


Top Skill Tree[]

  • Former Friends: Bosses deal 34% less damage for the first 10s of the fight.
  • Protective Eyewear: Reduces the blind duration on allies of 'Negotiate' by 8s.
  • Confusing Presence: At the start of each wave, enemies have a 21% chance of being slowed by 41% for 8s.
  • Distraction: 'Greed Grenade' also increases damage taken by enemies by 70% for 10s.

Bottom Skill Tree[]

  • Trade Secret: Allies deal 350% more damage to treasure chests.
  • Keen Nose: Increases chance to find a treasure chest by 60%.
  • Timid Friends: After not using a ring for 5s, accelerates the cooldown of 'Common Affinities' by 25%. using the ring cancels the effect.
  • Loose Change: When Redroh dies, 32% chance to loot 20% gold.


Spy Lens[]

  • Common: Damage Bonus +10%, Former Friends +1.
  • Uncommon: Damage Bonus +25%, Former Friends +2.
  • Rare: Damage Bonus +100%, Former Friends +3.
  • Epic: Damage Bonus +250%, Former Friends +4.
  • Legendary: Damage Bonus +1000%, Former Friends +5.
  • Mythical: Damage Bonus +2000%, Former Friends +6.

Spare Leg[]

  • Common: Health Bonus +10%, Confusing Presence +1.
  • Uncommon: Health Bonus +25%, Confusing Presence +2.
  • Rare: Health Bonus +100%, Confusing Presence +3.
  • Epic: Health Bonus +250%, Confusing Presence +4.
  • Legendary: Health Bonus +1000%, Confusing Presence +5.
  • Mythical: Health Bonus +2000%, Confusing Presence +6.

Golden Key[]

  • Common: Gold Bonus +10%, Trade Secret +1.
  • Uncommon: Gold Bonus +25%, Trade Secret +2.
  • Rare: Gold Bonus +100%, Trade Secret +3.
  • Epic: Gold Bonus +250%, Trade Secret +4.
  • Legendary: Gold Bonus +1000%, Trade Secret +5.
  • Mythical: Gold Bonus +2000%, Trade Secret +6.


These are all of Redroh's outfits in the game

Outfit Name How to unlock
Redroh original.png
Original Redroh Unlock Redroh
Redroh common.png
Common Redroh Evolve Redroh to Common
Redroh Mouse.png
Scurrying Redroh Evolve Redroh to Common (costs gems)
Redroh uncommon.png
Uncommon Redroh Evolve Redroh to Uncommon
Redroh rare.png
Rare Redroh Evolve Redroh to Rare
Redroh Leprechaun.png
Mischievous Redroh Evolve Redroh to Rare (costs gems)
Redroh epic.png
Epic Redroh Evolve Redroh to Epic
Redroh Tourist.png
Wayfarer Redroh Evolve Redroh to Epic (costs gems)
Redroh legendary.png
Legendary Redroh Evolve Redroh to Legendary
Redroh mythical.png
Mythical Redroh Evolve Redroh to Mythical


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