Almost A Hero Wiki

The shop tab can be accessed at any time and always contains the same elements no matter what game mode are you on:


The following chests are always available in the shop:

Any hero items dropped from the chests are immediately equipped to the hero they belong to:

  • If the item dropped is of worse or the same quality as the one you have, it will be turned to scrap instead
  • If the item dropped is of better quality than the one you have, it will occupy its place and not give any scrap


After reaching stage 380 in Adventure Mode, you can open the Trinket boxes unlocked as rewards in Adventure and Gates of Gog, or purchase more.


After stage 485 in Adventure Mode, Mines can be upgraded and collected here.

Gog Vault[]

After beating the second Gate of Gog, a new section in the shop, called 'Gog Vault', will open. It offers the following options:

Gem Ads[]

Watch a 30 second ad for 10 free gems. You can watch 3 ads in a row, afterwards you have to wait some time before watching more ads.