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Side Quests are unlocked at stage 465 in Adventure Mode and can be found at the Achievements tab.

They all can be completed in Adventure Mode, and some of them can also be completed in Time Challenges mode and Gates of Gog mode. They reward Aeon. Once a side quest is completed, there is a 8h cooldown to get a new side quest.

All-year available side quests[]

Base reward of the side quest is multiplied depending on the player's discovery level.

Most of these quests can be sped up with Trinkets.

Name Requirements Information Base reward (aeon)
Catch dragons 20 Tap on 20 dragons (Redroh's mini-dragons don't count)* 140
Stun enemies 1000 Stun 1000 enemies 130
Progress through stages 250 Pass 250 stages* 130
Use Ultimate skills 90 Use ultimate skills 90 times 130
Kill enemies 1800 Kill 1800 enemies 120
Steal from bosses with V 10 Make V steal 10 times from a boss 120
Kill stunned enemies with Kind Lenny 20 Make Kind Lenny kill 20 stunned enemies 120
Miss attacks with Lia 750 Make Lia miss 750 attacks 120
Boom with Boomer Badlad 60 Use Boomer Badlad's ultimate 60 times 110
Heal Wendle's wounds 90 Heal Wendle 90 times 105
Cast spells with Wendle 150 Cast Wendle's ultimate or secondary skills 150 times 100
Redirect attacks with Uno 150 Make Uno redirect 150 attacks 100
Terrorize enemies with Uno 200 Make Uno terrorize 200 enemies 100
Witness allies fall with Handsum Jim 25 Have 25 heroes die while Handsum Jim is alive 95
Deliver critical hits with Hilt 1000 Make Hilt deliver 1000 critical hits 95
Stay angry with Bellylarf 600 Use Bellylarf's ultimate for a total of 600s 95
Shield allies with Sam 80 Make Sam shield allies 80 times 90
Heal allies with Kind Lenny 50 Make Lenny heal allies 50 times 90
Dodge attacks with Hilt 300 Make Hilt dodge 300 enemy attacks 90
Hit marked targets with Tam 60 Hit 60 enemies that have been marked by Tam 90
Kill blinded enemies with Tam 40 Kill 40 enemies that have been blinded by Tam 90
Chill with Vexx 60 Get Vexx tired so she has to rest 60 times 90
Summon mini dragons with Redroh 42 Use 'Common Affinities' skill 100
Progress through stages 150 Pass 150 stages* 80
Kill enemies 1000 Kill 1000 enemies 80
Smash chests with Redroh 80 Destroy 80 treasure chests while Redroh is in the party 80
Kill treasure chests with V 50 Make V destroy 50 treasure chests 75
Catch dragons 8 Tap on 8 dragons (Redroh's mini-dragons don't count)* 70
Use Ultimate skills 40 Use ultimate skills 40 times 70
Endure enemy hits with Nanna 300 Have Nanna receive enemy attacks 100
Heal allies with Nanna 80 Make Nanna heal members of the party other than her 95

*Can't be completed outside Adventure Mode

Seasonal side quests[]

Some side quests can only be received and completed during a determined period of time. Skipping side quests

Players can skip a side quest with 15 gems to immediately get a new one. The cost increases by 5 gems every time the player skips a side quest (up to a limit of 30), and resets upon completing one.