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Tam is the tenth character the player unlocks in Adventure Mode, At Stage 415. He is a supporter.

Tam original.png

Background Story[]

Tam regrets his crazy youth when he would do mad things like tie giant’s shoe laces together, or dragon-surf. The final straw came when he and his terrible friends invented ‘drunken goat eating’ – don’t ask. As a result he was kicked out of the family, the town and sent into exile.

A reformed character, he’s trying to impress his cousin Sam so that he might put a word in for him and get Tam back into the family.



Name Information Cooldown Max
Roar* Stuns all enemies for 5s and increases the damage of heroes by 40% (+20%) for 12s (+1s). 360 Seconds 9
Flare Fires a flare at the enemy area, reducing the defense of all the enemies by 30% (+5%) for 8s (+2s). 150 Seconds 7
Crow Attack Calls a crow from above to attack enemies to blind them for 6s (+1s) (increases their miss chance by 60% (+3%)) 150 Seconds 8

* Ultimate ability. Must be used manually


Top Skill Tree[]

  • Mark (Max Level: 9): 14% (+2%) chance with each attack to mark a target. Ring damage on a marked target increases its damage by 90% (+20%) and removes the mark.
  • Preparation (Max Level: 5*): First 6s (+1s) of the boss fight, all heroes take 20% (+5%) less damage.
  • Bandage (Max Level: 11): Every 70s (-4s), a bandage is applied to the most injured ally healing restoring 30% (+3%) of their max health.
  • Feign Death (Max Level: 10): When Tam takes damage below 20% health, he gains immunity for 11s (+1s). Cannot happen more than once every 125s (-5s).

Bottom Skill Tree[]

  • Frenzy (Max Level: 5*): 'Crow Attack' also increases the attack speed of Tam by 50% (+25%) for 10s (+1s).
  • Instincts (Max Level: 5*): 'Crow Attack' also reduces the cooldown of 'Roar' by 8s (+3s).
  • Death From Above (Max Level: 10): 'Crow Attack' also deals 900% (+300%) damage to all enemies.
  • Call Of The Wild (Max Level: 10): Whenever Tam attacks, reduces the cooldown of 'Crow Attack' by 0.1s (+0.1s).

* Can be increased by 6 more levels with items


Items not only add an extra point to skills they also increase the max points that you can put into the skills as well.

Golden Feather[]

  • Common: Gold Bonus +10%, Instincts +1.
  • Uncommon: Gold Bonus +25%, Instincts +2.
  • Rare: Gold Bonus +100%, Instincts +3.
  • Epic: Gold Bonus +250%, Instincts +4.
  • Legendary: Gold Bonus +1000%, Instincts +5.
  • Mythical:  Gold Bonus +2000%, Instincts +6.

Juicy Meat[]

  • Common: Health Bonus +10%, Preparation +1.
  • Uncommon: Health Bonus +25%, Preparation +2.
  • Rare: Health Bonus +100%, Preparation +3.
  • Epic: Health Bonus +250%, Preparation +4.
  • Legendary: Health Bonus +1000%, Preparation +5.
  • Mythical:  Health Bonus +2000%, Preparation +6.

Deadly Shells[]

  • Common: Damage Bonus +10%, Frenzy +1.
  • Uncommon: Damage Bonus +25%, Frenzy +2.
  • Rare: Damage Bonus +100%, Frenzy +3.
  • Epic: Damage Bonus +250%, Frenzy +4.
  • Legendary: Damage Bonus +1000%, Frenzy +5.
  • Mythical: Damage Bonus +2000%, Frenzy +6.


These are all of Tam's outfits in the game

All outfits Tam.png

The following outfits must be purchased with gems

  • Raucous Tam (500 gems, Tam must be at least Common)
  • Buccaneer (1500 gems, Tam must be at least Rare)
  • Crowhand (1000 gems, Tam must be at least Epic)

The following outfits are event-only:

  • Funny (Halloween Event: after the event, 875 gems, Tam must be at least Legendary)
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